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What Steps Are Involved?

  1. You prepare in advance by obtaining the last 12 months of electric bills, or signing up for electronic access and downloading them from your local Hydro company.

  2. We conduct a walk through the house to note all the light sources, plug-in appliances, built-in appliances, additional space heating devices if any and outdoor light sources.

  3. Conducting a short interview with the occupants of the home to determine the number of residents, ages, occupancy of the residence during the day and use of the individual rooms and other house areas.

  4. Make final adjustments to reconcile estimates with actual usage electricity reported by the electric utility company and prepare the evaluation report.

Are your electricity bills unusually high? There are  many factors which contribute to high energy costs. A Home Check offers a consultation service to help you evaluate how you’re using electricity, and what you can do to reduce your use.


Our electricity audits are conducted by a Certified Energy Advisor who will survey, using the latest monitoring equipment, the devices and behaviours that affect your consumption.


You will receive a detailed report that will analyze your history of usage and make concrete recommendations towards reduction.


Some lifestyle changes are suggested where appropriate to use specific high consumption appliances during times of off peak pricing. For some electrical loads a timer can shift the use into off-peak hours.
For some customers, a real time whole house remote display of the house's energy consumption can assist in the lowering of energy bills, by providing clues that something is left turned on which could be turned off.

For some homes, a change to the space heating and or domestic hot water heating equipment can result in significant reduction of electrical energy costs.


Note: the current version of our reporting software does not take into account Time Of Use pricing of electricity. We provide some supplementary recommendations that consider this and can lower energy bills by optimizing time of day use.

The report identifies where the electrical energy is used, by segmenting them into seven major categories. There are typically some energy savings possibilities from using more efficient appliances.

There are some appliances that could be unplugged in between usage, if they needlessly consume standby power. A strategy of using more efficient lighting sources can be discussed.

How do Savings Occur?