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Air Leakage

To test for air leakage we depressurize your home through use of a blower door. A blower door will depressurize your home to -50 pasquals of pressure which simulates a 35 mile an hour wind on all sides of your home, the kind of conditions you will see on a windy winter day. It forces air to enter your home wherever possible. Then using Thermograpic technology and other tools we examine your entire home for potential air leakage sources.

Air leakage is an important consideration when improving home energy efficiency because it can reduce the effectiveness of insulation and significantly reduce the energy efficiency of your home through direct air intrusion. Even with the recommended insulation levels, air leakage can account for 50% of a homes heat loss. Locating air leakage sites can be complex. While windows and doors are often the focus of air sealing efforts, typical air leakage sites include plumbing, wiring, chimney chases, duct work, ceiling lighting, overhangs as well as knee walls and interior wall partitions.

Air leakage costs Canadian households a hefty part of our annual heating bills and makes our homes uncomfortable and unhealthy.  Cold air leaking into your house can make some rooms – particularly in the basement, on the main floor or with a windward-facing wall – drafty, uncomfortable and difficult to heat, even with the thermostat turned up









The opposite can be even worse. If your home is too tight with insufficient ventilation, then the very air you breath can lead to medical problems. And of course if your home does indeed have this problem then there can also be a back drafting issue. This problem can occur when use use your exhaust fans. The exhaust devices create a difference in pressure between the inside of your home and the outside which may cause emissions from your gas and wood burning devices to enter your home, which can of course be deadly!!

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