Bats in the attic

    While looking into an attic space on an inspection a few months ago I first noticed some kind of stain coming down the wall.  At this point I was not sure what I was looking at.  I then heard some slight sounds;  looking around thats when I saw them, a group of bats, about 17 in all.

    The staining I saw was droppings.  Bat guano (bat droppings) can be a health hazard for anyone that comes in contact with it.  And of course there are the bat bugs. Similar to bed bugs bat bugs are of course found on bats. You can get rid of the bats but the bat bugs could remain.  And if they get into the living space they can be a terible pain to eradicate.

    The clean up and removal of the bats can get expensive and should be done by a professional.   My advice to my client was to have the owner clean out the attic and remove the infestation with the work being done by a qualified professional.  And that this be a condition of the sale of the home.


    bats in the attic



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