A few weeks ago I was looking at what appeared to be a relatively new staircase with landings leading up to the 2nd floor unit.  I began making notes on all the deficiencies that I was seeing.  My client’s realtor, who I know to be very good and dedicated to her clients, became confused at my comments.  She informed me there were engineered drawings for this staircase.  That raised an eye brow, now I became slightly confused.  The realtor emailed me the plans and I reviewed them later in the evening.  The drawings looked good, however, whomever constructed the staircase mostly ignored the engineered drawings.  Among other defects there were glaring construction omissions and details that the drawings called for but were ignored by the contractor.  It was a very poorly built and unsafe staircase.


    Either the contractor did not have the required carpentry knowledge to actually build this structure or he just didn’t care and was looking for a quick paycheck.


    Moral of this story, do your research when hiring any contractor.  Just because there are engineered drawings doesn’t mean that the contractor will build it to those specifications.






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