I GOT THIS HONEY...Said the husband to the wife.


    I GOT THIS HONEY!!  Said the husband to the wife. 




    Just because something works doesn’t mean it’s right, safe or won’t burn your house down.  I came across this on an inspection this week.  There are a few things to talk about in the attached picture;


    The first is that this is just a spliced connection in the attic space.  When making this type of connection you absolutely need an electrical junction box, they cost less than $5.00.  It prevents wires from being pulled apart and it will contain any arcing that might occur.


    2nd, this is a bond between aluminum and copper.  Connecting these two conductor types need to be done is a specific way, if not then the connection will Oxidize and cause all manner of problems which could result in a house fire.




    Moral of the story….Leave all electrical work to the licensed electrical contractor   



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