Missing Insulation


    Last summer while using my infrared camera during a home inspection on the main floor of a two-story home I noticed something odd.  The main floor extended out beyond the 2nd floor so there was an attic space on the main floor.  And the home is about 25 years old and has changed owners 3 times.

    What your looking at in the infrared image is missing insulation in the main floor attic, about 18 feet by 5 feet of un-insulated attic space. 

    Given the age of the home this is a little shocking.  When the home owners were informed they said it was impossible and that I was mistaken.  After more push-back from my client’s realtor and more evaluation from the home owners they admitted that I was right.

    This kind of thing does happen in new home construction, mistakes are made, the shocking part is that nobody discovered this in the last 25 years.  Adding insulation to this space will greatly reduce the gas and electrical bills to this home.


    Moral of the story, if your energy bills seem high, maybe there’s a reason.



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