Sewer inspection

    But what about the sewer?

    A home inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection. The sewer lateral pipe to the city or private waste system for example definitely cannot be seen during a normal home inspection.
    A damaged sewer pipe could cost 10 to 20 thousand to replace, should it not be inspected at every home inspection. I think so, which is why at a recent conference I became certified for sewer inspection and now offer it on all my home inspections as an inspection upgrade.
    This week I convinced a client to inspect the sewer lateral of a 9-year-old home. Homes under 20 years are less likely to have issues but things can still happen. After some deep thought the client said yes, better safe than sorry he said. And boy did he make the right call. At 40 feet into the pipe I came to a near total blockage in the pipe. It's not clear what’s causing the blockage but what is clear is that my client is saved from a lot of grief and potential big money.

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