The Uninvited House Guest!!


    On a recent home inspection, using a ladder, I noticed some damage along the ridge of the roof. I decided to climb up and have a closer look and found some pretty significant damage. This, I realized was most likely racoon damage. Some droppings on the roof confirmed something the size of a racoon.  

    So now we have two problems, major roof damage that is allowing significant amounts of moisture into the home and there may currently be a racoon living in the attic. 

    On the interior, using an infrared camera and a moisture meter, I confirmed the presence of moisture on the cathedral ceiling in multiple areas. This of course brings up the possibility of mould. And then I saw a heat signature in a place where should be no heat. I knew right away that this could be the nest for any uninvited guests. 

    Using a ladder, I motioned my client and the realtor for silence and I wrapped my fist on the ceiling, immediately you could hear something large moving around. Confirmation that this is an active problem. With a racoon living in the attic you will now have to involve a pest control specialist for removal. And then there is the clean up of any contaminated attic material. Not an easy task because there is no attic access, it is all cathedral ceilings in this home. 

    All of these things taken together would have been a major expense for my client had they not been discovered. So, what is the moral to this little story; a good home inspection can save you a lot of money and headache, and of course to prevent you from having any unpaid tenants😊 




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