• New Home - No Heat!!

    Pre-delivery inspection on a new home in Ontario. I had another PDI inspection this week. While doing my Infrared inspection I noticed no heat coming from this supply register. I brought out my air flow meter to confirm my suspicion; no heat and no air flow from this supply register at all. I see this on new homes from time to time. The contractor and builder just do not take the time to verify that everything is working correctly. They just assume that no mistakes were made. If you’re buying a …

  • Roof leak???

    Moisture in the attic – But does that mean my roof is leaking? Maybe not. Notice the moisture stained insulation in the attached picture. There was a lot going on in this attic; two bathrooms were venting into the attic, a plumbing stack was venting into the attic and not through the roof as required and the soffit ventilation was almost non-existent. Now obviously venting bathrooms and a plumbing stack into an attic is bad but even without those items the poor soffit ventilation could be a cont…

  • Carbon Monoxide Kills!!

    As I entered the utility room on a recent inspection, I was immediately struck by how thick the air was. The problem became obvious when I stood in front of the hot water tank and noticed that the exhaust pipe was not connected to the vent motor on the tank. Meaning the tank was exhausting carbon monoxide into the home. I immediately disconnected the power to the hot water tank, told the owners to open all windows and to call a HVAC contractor for immediate repairs. This is the type of situation…

  • Tarion warranty Inspection

    New Home Warranty - Pre-delivery, 30-day and 1-year inspections are pretty common for brand new homes, but what about 2-year warranty's? I had a two year inspection the other day and I was quite shocked that many of the items that I had listed on the 1 year report still had not been repaired by the builder. My advice to home owners, after the builder claims to make any needed repairs get a follow up inspection to confirm.

  • The Uninvited House Guest!!

    The Uninvited House Guest!